Start64!New version! - Gladinet Cloud Desktop delivers online storages and web applications to your desktop. Online storages are integrated into Windows® explorer and become local folders. Web applications are integrated into Windows® explorer too and can be used to open local documents. You can also access folders on remote PCs. You can also share files with friends.

Gladinet Cloud Desktop x64 version

 Easy Access To Files

You may have files stored online. You may have files scattered on multiple PCs. Gladinet software brings all your files together to your Windows Desktop and your online desktop. Your files are following you wherever you go!

 Use Web Applications Locally

Use online office to open local spread sheets. Use Paint Brush to open online images. Use online storages as if they were local folders. Gladinet software delivers web applications and online storages to your desktop.

 Remote Access To Multiple PCs

Gladinet connects all your PCs together. You can access folders on multiple PCs from any one of them. You can also use remote access solutions such as RDP or VNC among them. Your PCs are always connected even when you are on the road.

 On Demand Sharing With Friends

Sharing Files and Folders is as easy as sending an e-mail or an instant message. Your friends can view your shared files instantly and securely without any Gladinet software pre-installed. You can share both local and online files.

Gladinet Cloud Desktop x64 version
GlOverlayIcon.dll - 64bit dll

Gladinet Cloud Desktop x64 version
NextWOSShellExt.dll - 64bit dll