Public Web Browser 64 bit version

2013-Dec-05 | Tags: admininternet explorerservertelnet

Start64!PWB v2 is the newest iteration of the Public Web Browser. A faster and more robust browser then PWB v1, it leverages the power of C++ to add tighter Operating System integration, higher efficiency, and an updated interface.

Take advantage of customizable context menus, easier to layout URL and IP filtering, and the lessened effects of java script errors. As the development of PWB v2 continues, we encourage suggestions that would make PWB v2 better suited for your intended results.

Public Web Browser 64-bit version

Web Browser designed for use in public areas. This is an exceptional Web browsing application that uses the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer for the browsing engine. You do not have to worry about compatibility, because Public Web Browser is compatible with all web pages and plugins designed to work with Internet Explorer. This application also makes an excellent Windows NT shell when used with “Runapp.exe” through Windows NT policies. Extensively test on Windows NT/2000. Public Web Browser is highly customizable through a configuration file including the following settings:

  • Station Naming
  • Home page
  • Kiosk Mode
  • Text editing tools
  • Show or hide navigation buttons
  • Show or hide URL address box
  • Show or hide text tools
  • History log
  • Favorites (Bookmarks)
  • Disable right mouse button
  • Disable local drive access
  • Policy rich text file
  • About rich text file
  • Disable closing browser
  • Disable new window and pop up boxes
  • Activity Timer
  • Inactivity Timer
  • And more...

Public Web Browser 64-bit version
Public Web Browser - 64bit software