Start64!Earlier today, we brought to your attention a new 2-in-1 Bay Trail-based Windows tablet made available by Schenker and put on display at the CeBIT 2014 computer expo in Germany. And now we have another one for you.

Start64!Apple is revolutionary through evolution. The company did not invent the tablet, but the iPad sparked the modern trend. It did not invent the touchscreen smartphone, yet the iPhone revolutionized portable computing.

Start64!Various reports have indicated that Google may be discontinuing the Nexus 7 tablet line this year, in favor of a new 8-inch Nexus 8 tablet that could be launched alongside Android 4.5 at some point this summer. While this device and its launch are far from being confirmed by Google, AndroidPit speculates that the summer launch may have something to do with Intel’s release plans for a new mobile processor, suggesting that Google and Intel may partner up for this particular Nexus device.

Start64!The Nexus 8 was in the rumor mill a lot lately, as details about it have started pouring in. Now, new information suggests the device will come bundling Intel’s new 64-bit Atom chip processor. Well, like it was unexpected. In late February, we told you the upcoming Nexus tablet to come out of Google was expected to arrive at the I/O 2014 developer conference set to take place between 25 and 26 of July.

Start64!Nvidia announced their latest Tegra applications processors at CES 2014 with the Tegra K1 32-bit and 64-bit ARM SoCs, as well as Tegra K1 MVC for automotive application. The 32-bit version comes with four Cortex A15 cores up to 2.3 GHz plus a companion core, and the 64-bit version with 2 ARMv8 cores (Cortex A53?) clocked up to 3 GHz.

Start64!At the end of February there was a big technology trade show, Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona. MWC attracted more than 70,000 visitors. It spanned mobile gadgets, electronic components, apps, and services--stuff for consumers, and stuff for the industry itself.

Start64!HTC is one of those elusive companies that is having a hard time deciding whether to stay in or out of the tablet game. Regardless, fans of the HTC tablet concept still exist and a new render shows us a product that could be capable of bringing the mojo back to the company’s almost inexistent tablet business.

Start64!BARCELONA, Spain -- Samsung likely will join the 64-bit processor club this year, but it doesn't have the technology ready just yet, CNET has learned.

Start64!Like most self-respecting companies out there, AMD has also started to work on a tablet project on its own. And at MWC 2014, the chip-company showed a pretty interesting reference model that, among other things, ran Windows 8.1 64-bit.

Start64!So the rush to 64-bit mobile processors has turned into a stampede. Apple started it with the A7 processor. Qualcomm and Intel have followed. But this charge begs a question: why the heck do you need with a 64-bit processor on a mobile device?

Start64!Qualcomm presents their latest ARM 64bit ARMv8 Snadragon 610 and 615 based on the ARM Cortex-A53 quad and octa core. These new include the Qualcomm Gobi 9X30's LTE Advanced Category 6 capability with up to 300Mbps 4G LTE modem, 3G HSPA+, CDMA, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi all in one chip. Enhanced ISP for imaging and camcorder quality and Adreno 405.

Start64!Like Qualcomm and Intel, MediaTek has also pulled a 64-bit processor, called the MT6732, out of the box. As FoneArena notes, the MediaTek MT6732 is an ARM Cortex-A53 chip with Mali-T760 graphics and 4G LTE support. The processor is one the first to be based on the ARMv8 architecture and is aimed for mid-range smartphones/tablets.

Start64!Qualcomm has made a pretty big announcement at MWC 2014 by unveiling its eight-core Snapdragon 6151 chip for mobile devices, which integrates LTE and 4K video streaming capabilities. This places the chip-maker ahead of Apple, in terms of 64-bit mobile chip developments.

Start64!Qualcomm isn't the only chip maker to announce a 64-bit mobile processor platform at MWC 2014, as Intel has jumped in the same bandwagon not so long ago.

Start64!MediaTek is a chip-manufacturer that often supplies mid-range mobile devices, but the company intends to up its game, so it is looking to integrate LTE connectivity into its architecture.