Start64!Some of you might remember Huawei’s latest release in the tablet space, the MediaPad M2, which was launched in France last month. We were expecting the tablet to be rolled out globally beginning this month, but it looks like the Chinese company has decided to launch a special version of MediaPad M2.

Start64!The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is in line for an Android 5.1.1 update, according to a report on the matter. The phablet, which will make way for the Galaxy Note 5 in a couple of months' time, took what seemed like an age to get Android 5.0 Lollipop, but according to SamMobile, testing for Android 5.1.1 is now under way.

Start64!Taiwanese company HTC is back with yet another high-end smartphone in the One series. But this time the device is really unique in the fact that it's the first that comes equipped with MediaTek's latest Helio X10 processor.

Start64!Chinese OEM recently launched two high-end smartphones, the R7 and R7 Plus, which are already available for pre-order in some countries. They are expected to hit shelves next month, but there's no confirmation on that for now.

Start64!Computex 2015 technology trade fair has just kicked off and at least two companies announced lots of products that will be launched on the market throughout the year, Acer and Asus.

Start64!Even though Panasonic's mobile division has shrunk in the last couple of year to the point that it only launched products in a couple of countries, the company mildly popular in India. In fact, India is one of the few smartphone markets where Panasonic is still releasing devices.

Start64!While Sony continues the rollout of Android 5.0 Lollipop update for several of its Xperia smartphones, rumors about some unannounced smartphones keep pouring in.

Start64!Opera is one of the many Android browsers that users can install from Google Play Store. Lots of Android users prefer this particular application because they are using it on the desktop as well.

Start64!XOLO is one of India's top smartphone makers thanks to its huge Android portfolio. Since the competition is fierce in India, XOLO needs to stay on top by releasing new smartphones very often.

Start64!Samsung is preparing for the release of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge in more than 20 countries, but the company doesn't neglect the launch of other more affordable Android smartphones.

Start64!News about upcoming HTC handsets have become more frequent in the last couple of weeks, which is proof that the Taiwanese company plans to be very active on the smartphone market in the coming months.

Start64!If there’s one trend surfacing this year in the mobile industry, it's the fact that 64-bit smartphones are popping out everywhere for as far the eyes can see. And with this flood comes a slew of side-effects with the most important one being the acute lowering of pricing.

Start64!Nokia Here is a popular mapping and navigation app with offline functionality that was native to the Windows Phone platform until October 2014, when Nokia decided to give Android users access to a limited beta version. Following the wide release in December, the app has reached over 2.5 million downloads in the Google Play Store as of January 2015 and is growing fast, which is impressive to say the least.

Start64!Information revealing that Samsung was working on a budget, affordable smartphone, known in the rumor mill as the Galaxy J1, has recently surfaced. The handset has yet to be officially announced by the parent company, but while we wait on that Sam Mobile gives us a sneak peek into what to expect from the handset.

Start64!HTC is focusing on the Desire smartphone lineup at CES 2015 and the Desire 320 has already been announced with a quad-core CPU, 5MP main camera and budget price. The Taiwanese company also rolled out the Desire 826, which is a lot more impressive than the one we already talked about.