Samsung Galaxy Win 2 Officially Unveiled with KitKat and 64-Bit Quad-Core CPU

2015-Mar-12 | Tags: samsungsmartphone

Start64!Samsung is preparing for the release of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge in more than 20 countries, but the company doesn't neglect the launch of other more affordable Android smartphones.

The newly announced Samsung Galaxy Win 2 is an affordable Android smartphone that seems a bit overpriced considering what it has to offer in terms of specs.

Overpriced products is one of Samsung's main problems, which led to the South Korean company losing top position in many emerging markets.

The Galaxy Win 2 is no exception to the rule considering that it has just been released in Brazil and customers can grab it for no less than BRL 779 ($250) for the model with digital TV and BRL 729 ($233) for the version without one.