Thoughts On The Samsung Galaxy S6: Design, Display & 64-Bit Chips

2014-Dec-11 | Tags: samsungsmartphone

Start64!Samsung's 2014 flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5, came out early in the year riding a veritable tidal wave of hype and anticipation - but it was not destined to deliver the goods. It seems a bit strange when you break it down, because on paper the Galaxy S5 ticked a lot of boxes for what makes a good smartphone; powerful processor, decent imaging, a nice display, and so on.

However, the crucial thing is it missed the mark in a few key areas which were heavily rumoured for a change and were largely responsible for the hype; chiefly the build and design, which Samsung reps had stated would be drastically different, while metals or other premium materials were hotly anticipated. These were apparently things which people wanted to change with the Galaxy S5, and they did not get changed. Cue dissapointment.