Nexus 6 Concept Phone Packs 5.7’’ Screen, 64-Bit Processor

2014-May-07 | Tags: googlesmartphone

Start64!Before the end of this year, Google and one of its hardware partners should make official a new handset in the popular series of Nexus smartphones, one that should be called Nexus 6, but a new concept device has arrived on the web with this name attached to it.

Make no mistake about it, this is not a leaked handset, and the actual Nexus 6 will more than likely be different from what can be seen in the images attached to this post, but the concept can still impress in terms of looks and hardware capabilities.

This Nexus 6 is the result of a designer’s imagination and features a large, 5.7-inch touchscreen display capable of delivering a full HD resolution.