Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rumors Point to 2K Display, 4GB RAM, 64-Bit CPU

2014-Apr-07 | Tags: androidsamsungsmartphone

Start64!Samsung has already established of pattern of launching its most treasured Android smartphones in February and September of each year. The Galaxy S and Galaxy Note family of smartphones are among the most popular of the South Korean handset maker.

With the Galaxy S5 already revealed and about to make its debut on the market, Samsung is now starting to work on the next high-end smartphone in the Galaxy Note family.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has yet to be announced but the first rumors on the phone's specs sheet have already started to emerge in China.

Before getting into the first rumors on the Galaxy Note 4 keep in mind that there's no way to verify any of these for the moment, so take it with a grain of salt.