Tarox Craftab 8.3 Is a Very Light Rugged Tablet with 64-Bit Bay Trail, Win 8 and Full HD Screen

2014-Mar-12 | Tags: inteltabletwindows8

Start64!Earlier today, we brought to your attention a new 2-in-1 Bay Trail-based Windows tablet made available by Schenker and put on display at the CeBIT 2014 computer expo in Germany. And now we have another one for you.

It has become quite obvious that Intel is pushing the adoption of its Bay Trail platform as much as it can. We’re no longer seeing this particular chip architecture being implemented in devices coming from brand vendors, but in products from lesser-known manufacturers. And some of them actually manage to amaze us with their spec list.

Introducing the Tarox Craftab 8.3, a very interesting product that is being marketed as an industrial slate (via MobileGeeks).