HTC Babel Tablet Runs Both 64-bit Windows 8 and Android, Has Stylus - Concept

2014-Feb-28 | Tags: androidtabletwindows8

Start64!HTC is one of those elusive companies that is having a hard time deciding whether to stay in or out of the tablet game. Regardless, fans of the HTC tablet concept still exist and a new render shows us a product that could be capable of bringing the mojo back to the company’s almost inexistent tablet business.

But before we give you more details about the new render, let’s take a moment and remember that once upon a time, HTC was hailed as an innovative company and lots of folks expected to see good things come out of it. We can’t say they didn't.

For example, HTC was credited to be the first to launch a major smartphone boasting a touchscreen and the company was also behind the HP iPAQ and Palm Treo 650.