Quanta-Made AMD Reference Tablet Shown Running 64-Bit Windows 8.1

2014-Feb-28 | Tags: amdtabletwindows8

Start64!Like most self-respecting companies out there, AMD has also started to work on a tablet project on its own. And at MWC 2014, the chip-company showed a pretty interesting reference model that, among other things, ran Windows 8.1 64-bit.

First word of an AMD tablet surfaced back in November, when it was uncovered that the company had a secret slate project which had been dubbed “Project Discovery.” It was also said the prototype had already won a CES 2014 innovation award and since then we managed to take a glimpse at the slate in the wild.

Most importantly “Project Discovery” bundles AMD‘s next-gen Mullins processor, which is supposed to be a low-power chip that consumes as little as 2 watts of energy while the device is at full speed.