Start64!So the rush to 64-bit mobile processors has turned into a stampede. Apple started it with the A7 processor. Qualcomm and Intel have followed. But this charge begs a question: why the heck do you need with a 64-bit processor on a mobile device?

Intel continues spinning its wheels in mud with its mobile efforts, despite prototypes and promises of design wins that never show up. Now at Mobile World Congress it has introduced two Atom designs for mobile, Merrifield and Moorefield, plus a new LTE-Advanced modem from its Infineon group.

Merrifield and Moorefield should both arrive this year, with "SoFIA 3G" and "SoFIA LTE" coming late in the year. That generation will be Intel's first Atom SoCs with integrated modems. If Intel is going to make progress in mobile, that will be the generation that does it, I think. One of the key advantages Qualcomm has is its Snapdragon and Krait SoCs have the modem integrated with the SoC. This means one less part and less power consumed.