Qualcomm Leaps Ahead of Apple, Unveils Eight-Core 64-Bit Processor for High-End Mobile Devices

2014-Feb-24 | Tags: arm

Start64!Qualcomm has made a pretty big announcement at MWC 2014 by unveiling its eight-core Snapdragon 6151 chip for mobile devices, which integrates LTE and 4K video streaming capabilities. This places the chip-maker ahead of Apple, in terms of 64-bit mobile chip developments.

The chip is expected to arrive in the fourth quarter of the year and will be implemented in high-end smartphones and tablets (via Ubergizmo).

The 615 chip could prove to be one of the fastest chipsets around on the market today, being based on the latest ARM 64-bit architecture ARMv8.

Qualcomm also pulled the veil off a quad-core variant, called the Snapdragon 610. So far there's only a handful of eight-core chips on the market, with the Samsung Galaxy S4 being in the spot-light at the moment.