Intel's 64 Bit Weapon

2013-Oct-29 | Tags: armintel

Start64!At the Intel Developer Forum, I attended a talk by Silvermont (that's Intel's latest low power microarchitecture) lead architect and Intel (INTC) Fellow Belli Kuttanna. Now, in addition to walking away very impressed with Mr. Kuttanna's sheer technical knowledge and ability to communicate that to a crowd, I also felt confident that Intel's mobile CPU cores would be best-in-class going forward.

Interestingly enough, I stumbled across a very interesting article written by Mr. Kuttanna himself titled "64 bits Matter as Mobile Computing Evolves." I thought it was a great piece that not only highlights that when it comes to the transition to 64-bit in mobile computing (and make no mistake, this transition will happen), Intel is in a very good position.

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