Start64!Supposing you were more than excited about the announcement by Apple this past week that their next-generation Apple A7 chip and iOS 7 brought on 64-bit support for processing, it may come as a shock that Android already has such capabilities. In fact, because Android is based on Linux, it’s had the ability to work with 64-bit processing for a long, long time.

Word straight Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin suggests that there isn’t even any “special development process” that has to be done for Android to handle 64-bit processing power – it just works.

While we’re not going to get too deep into what it means to have an Android smartphone with 64-bit support, it should be made clear today that while the iPhone 5s will indeed be the first (and only, as Apple said) smartphone on the market with 64-bit support, it wont be for long. Apple’s iOS 7 supports 64-bit processing while Android has supported this technology at its base, and has for some time.