Start64!The first reviews of Apple’s iPhone 5S are in, and the news is unilaterally positive. Unlike the iPhone 5 launch, which was badly overshadowed by the Apple Maps debacle, the iPhone 5S has no such problems. General coverage of everything from the new camera to iOS 7 is positive. The issues that people were concerned might be gimmicky, like the new fingerprint sensor, are receiving high praise. The camera, with its dual flash LED technology, is noted as taking better low-light photos than its predecessor.

As for the relative strength of the upgrade, David Pogue over at the New York Times writes in his review that the 5S is one of the few smartphones that’ll keep you delighted over two years of your contract. AllThingsDigital echoes that it’s a big step up for anyone who doesn’t already own an iPhone 5, but says that it may not be a huge case for upgrading if you’re already on that device. Full reviews and coverage of iOS 7 is less a focus than the overall phone, but there don’t seem to be any obvious design flaws or issues the way there were a year ago. Daring Fireball confirms the positive sentiments.