Researchers Spot 64-Bit Version of ZeuS Malware

2013-Dec-11 | Tags: antispywareantivirusrootkit

Start64!Without a doubt, ZeuS is the most notorious banking Trojan in the world. However, until recently, the threat didn’t have a 64-bit version. Security researchers from Kaspersky say that the 64-bit ZeuS might have been compiled as early as April 2013, with the first samples being spotted in the wild around June.

The 64-bit version of ZeuS works just like the 32-bit version. Its main goal is to steal personal and financial information from infected computers.

However, the new variant is also capable of communicating with its command and control servers via the Tor network. This functionality was implemented in other pieces of malware some time ago, but ZeuS has lacked such capabilities until now.