Start64!64-bit versions of Microsoft’s very own Windows operating system are expected to face a new wave of attacks next year, especially from more advanced malware specifically developed for this type of platform.

Security company Trusteer revealed that 64-bit malware is already out there in the wild, but 2013 is very likely to bring a significant increase in this type of attacks, which calls for security companies to boost their efforts to protect 64-bit systems.

Basically, this new form of malware aimed at 64-bit Windows versions is harder to detect, mostly because it comprises support for 64-bit processes running on the target computer.

“In 2012, we began seeing financial malware developing native 64-bit Windows capabilities,” Trusteer explained. “32-bit malware is handicapped when it runs on 64-bit machines. That’s becauethe 32-bit malware cannot see or penetrate the “native” 64-bit system processes it uses to evade detection.”