AMD to combine 64-bit x86 and ARM chip architectures in Project Skybridge

2014-May-06 | Tags: amdandroidarmintel

Start64!AMD WILL UNITE 64-bit x86 and ARM architectures in its chips next year while bringing on board support for Android in a development effort dubbed "Project Skybridge".

AMD revealed the news at its Core Innovation Update press conference in San Francisco on Sunday, saying that it has licensed the ARMv8 chip architecture and will design its own pin-compatible 64-bit x86 and ARM base system on chip (SoC) processors.

"Our innovative ambidextrous design capability, combined with our portfolio of IP and expertise with high-performance SoCs, means that AMD is set to deliver ambidextrous solutions that enable our customers to change the world in more efficient and powerful ways," announced AMD CEO and president Rory Read.