Nvidia’s Tegra K1 SoC: Kepler GPU paired with 64-bit Denver CPU, coming in 2014

2014-Jan-07 | Tags: armnvidia

Start64!Nvidia has been offering sneak peeks at its upcoming Tegra ARM chip at trade shows and other small venues in recent months, but at CES 2014 in Las Vegas the graphics company has finally unveiled the new Tegra. The chip previously codenamed Logan now has an official name, and it’s not Tegra 5 — this is the Tegra K1. Nvidia says it chose the name because this is not just a linear increase in power of Tegra 4, it’s a massive leap forward. Not only does Tegra K1 mark the debut of a new GPU, this ARM chip will be the first 64-bit mobile processor from Nvidia.

Desktop GPUs come to mobile

All of Nvidia’s past systems-on-a-chip (SoCs) have been based on CPU architectures licensed from ARM and an ultra low-power GeForce GPU. In the case of the Tegra 4, it has a 72-core GPU clocked at 672MHz. Tegra K1 boosts the count to a whopping 192 processing cores, but it isn’t just the number of cores that makes this GPU notable. The Kepler architecture used to build this GPU is the same one used in Nvidia’s current generation desktop graphics cards. That also means Tegra K1 will be the first mobile chip to support CUDA GPU computing and DirectX 11.