Start64!We’ve talked already about Calxeda’s interesting server SoC that uses Cortex A9 cores and provides over ten times the efficiency of a Xeon server in certain tasks. ARM’s Cortex A15 architecture brings impressive IPC improvements over the A9 and Samsung is using the newer architecture for its future server processors.

Samsung already introduced the Exynos 5250 processor for mobile use some time last year, but the company said that the design was quite scalable and that we might see 2.5 Hz versions of the CPU.

The company is reportedly preparing to release server versions of its Cortex A15 architecture, which means that we will soon see Exynos 5 processors with 64-bit instructions and ECC support and other server-oriented features.

On the other hand, Samsung might also go for a quad-core version that would also bring increased density to any server applications.