Start64!We were fortunate enough to show off the new RipjawsZ kit the other week in a news post. Today, though, we really get a chance to look closer at them and see what the kit is all about. The first thing to probably cover is the name, though. On the Sandy Bridge platform we saw the RipjawsX carry with it the most aggressive clocks and timings. The new Sandy Bridge-E platform has brought with it a new series in the form of the RipjawsZ which at launch consists of a few models.

Today we'll be looking at the F3-17000CL9Q-16GBZHD kit which is of course a PC3-17000 kit as the name would suggest. Of course, supporting the new Sandy Bridge-E platform, the first thing we notice is that the kit consists of four modules so they can be ran in Quad Channel on our ASUS Rampage IV Extreme today.

Looking at the kit, the heatsink design is a little different to the last Ripjaw modules we saw from G.Skill, but it isn't too different. There are just some subtle changes. On one side you can see we've got the new RipjawsZ logo which looks awesome in blue against the black PCB and heatsink, while the other side gives us a run down on the main details.