Start64!Netlist keeps expanding the capacity of its HyperCloud series of RDIMM memory and recently announced that it has developed a new DDR3 module that has reached a whopping 32GB in capacity. The memory module uses the standard 4Gb DRAM that is found in other high capacity DDR3 memory solutions, but packs no less than 72 such chips on a single PCB.

In order to achieve this feat, Netlist put to work two of its proprietary technologies, Planar-X which was used for packaging the chips on the printed circuit board and its patented rank multiplication technology.

Rank multiplication allows for the four individual physical ranks of chips to the hidden from the memory controller hub, making it believe regular 2 vRanks memory is used.

In next-gen dual-socket servers, this memory could allow OEMs and other system designers to include up to 768GB of DDR3, making such modules ideal for virtualization and other applications that require vast amounts of memory.