Start64!Considering most gamers have had 64bit CPUs for over a decade and 64bit operating systems not much less, it seems bizarre that some games aren't running 64bit versions to take advantage of all that extra memory that can be used. But that is the case with some, like Guild Wars 2, which has had a rash of players struggling to play some of the more epic quests within the game simply because their 3.2GB RAM limitations are hurting them.

Fortunately then, ArenaNet and NCsoft have announced a beta version of a 64bit launcher, which allows the game to use as much RAM as you have, including all of that wonderfully powerful VRAM on your graphics card.

And it seems to be working too. A lot of people (as per PCG) are said to be having far fewer crashes with the game, as well as being able to take part in some of the big meta-events of the world, which is one of the more attractive aspects of the MMO in the first place.