Start64!Google has recently unveiled the 64-bit version of Chrome for Windows, but the application was until now part of the development channel, meaning that it was more or less unstable and full of bugs. The company has announced today that Chrome 64-bit for Windows has been pushed to the beta development channel, so everyone can give it a try right now, with the search giant promising that the app is a bit more stable and most of the bugs have been fixed.

Chrome 37 beta comes with DirectWrite support on Windows, so font rendering is now better even on high resolution displays.

“Chrome 37 adds support for DirectWrite, an API on Windows for clear, high-quality text rendering even on high DPI displays. Before DirectWrite, Chrome used the Graphics Device Interface (GDI) to render text. GDI dates back to the mid-80's and reflects the engineering tradeoffs of that time, particularly for slower, lower-resolution machines. The switch to DirectWrite has been a top user request for years, and required extensive re-architecting and streamlining of Chrome's font rendering engine,” the company explains.