ColdFusion-10 64bit and MSAccess

2012-Jul-24 | Tags: programingsdk

Start64!Have you ever faced a problem in trying this combination - ColdFusion10 64bit with MSAccess (.mdb or .accdb). Many have faced this problem and the sole reason is because ColdFusion doesn't support MSAccess in 64bit. Additionally, Windows doesn't currently ship with a MSAccess .accdb driver.

Though there is no support officially, there is a workaround and the complete credit for finding and testing this goes to Aaron Neff. I am just blogging here on his part.

Here are a few steps to follow to make this combination work for you.

1. (This first step is only required for .accdb files.) Install 32-bit AccessDatabaseEngine.exe<>

1a. Important: If AccessDatabaseEngine_x64.exe or any 64-bit MS Office applications are already installed, then AccessDatabaseEngine.exe must be installed via the command line with the "/passive" argument. (ex: AccessDatabaseEngine.exe /passive)<>