Stardock helps to form Oxide Games; making new 64-bit Nitrous Engine

2013-Oct-24 | Tags: gamestardock

Start64!A few days ago, Stardock announced it was working on Galactic Civilizations III for the PC, and that the game will be made to run exclusively on 64-bit operating systems. Today, a new game development company has been revealed and announced it is working on its own 64-bit game engine. Furthermore, it has Stardock CEO Brad Wardell as one of its founders.

The company is called Oxide Games and besides Wardell it has a number of experienced game developers on board, many of which worked at Firaxis Games on Civilization V. Stardock provided the Maryland-based company with seed funding from the Stardock Strategic Investment Fund. In its press release, Oxide Games offers some information on its in-house created Nitrous Engine, made for 64-bit PCs along with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.