Start64!I will show you how to setup NetBeans to create 64-bit C/C++ Windows executables with NetBeans 7.4. This will also allow you to create and compile 64-bit GNU Assembly (GAS) programs. The first thing you need to do if install Oracle JDK and NetBeans 7.4. I will not go over this as it is clearly documented.

Next you will need to download C/C++ build tools for NetBeans to use. You can either download Cygwin or MinGW build tools, but I prefer MinGW because it is lightweight and far more easier to install. There are two websites for obtaining MinGW. One is the old website which leads to it's SourceForge project page for downloading the older 32-bit only installation and the other website is where you can install MinGW-w64, which is the 32-bit & 64-bit installation.