Start64!Today's tute we'll explore how some of the facets of Object Oriented C++ work. It's nothing like it seems. The information in this tutorial may not be immediately useful but it's actually very handy. There is a concept called AoS (Array of Structures) versus SoA (Structure of Arrays), to get maximum speed from our SIMD code sometimes we need the data organized in a special way, this type of knowledge (apart from being interesting) is invaluable when we need complete control over these types of things.

It also gives a much better understanding of exactly what C++ is which helps program in this language better. This stuff actually makes me very thankful for C++, the access modifiers, name mangling, *this pointer, these things are all abstractions of what is really going on but they make programming so much easier. C++ is a work of the highest calibre of human genius, to truly appreciate any work of art it's sometimes helps to look at it very, very closely.

x64 Assembly and C++ Tutorial 53: Classes - YouTube