How to Install Linux Kernel 4.1 LTS on 64-bit Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Debian OSes

2015-Aug-09 | Tags: debianhowtoinstalllinuxmintubuntuupgrade

Start64!Arne Exton, an independent GNU/Linux developer, known for many Linux kernel-based operating systems, posted an interesting tutorial a couple of days ago about how to install the latest Linux 4.1 LTS kernel on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, or Debian distros.

Therefore, we decided to test Mr. Exton's guide on how to install Linux kernel 4.1 LTS on an Ubuntu or Debian GNU/Linux operating system, as well as to post his tutorial here with detailed instructions for anyone to understand them. Before anything else, please note that the following guide is only for 64-bit versions of Ubuntu and Debian.