Descent|OS 4.0 released!

2013-Apr-28 | Tags: debian

Start64!Hello, everyone! I’m writing from my hotel room here in Bellingham Washington where I’ve been attending the Linux Fest NorthWest all day, and managed to get 4.0 released on schedule! It’s only for 64-bit systems at the moment, mainly because that’s the only ISO I have here on this PC, but I’ll be finishing up Descent|OS for 32-bit systems and for powerpc and releasing them next week.

Descent|OS is going through a new phase in development, where it will run under an 8-month release cycle, with one service release halfway through the cycle. This will allow for a more stable system, and bug fixes to be deployed quicker while development for Descent|OS 5 goes on.

Thanks for testing, and for being loyal users! See you all tomorrow at the second leg of Linux Fest NorthWest!

Brian Manderville

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