64-bit Game

  • Steam for Linux Finally Receives 64-Bit Gaming Support

    Start64!Valve has launched a new stable version for its Steam for Linux client, bringing a lot of interesting new features.

  • Xbox One Hardware Specs Include 64 Bit Architecture, 8 GB of RAM

    Start64!The new Xbox One home console from Microsoft is designed to increase the hardware power that developers and players can use and updates the way in which video games will use the expanded capabilities of the hardware.

  • Windows 8 64-Bit Now the Third Most Popular OS for Gamers

    Start64!A new round of statistics provided by Valve’s Steam platform reveals that Windows 8 is becoming a much more popular gaming platform, as it reached a market share of 11.65 percent.

  • PlayStation 4 Developer Environment Is Windows 64 Bit Compatible, Says Sony

    Start64!During the Game Developers Conference, the Sony team working on the upcoming PlayStation 4 revealed that the core development for console games could be done using Window 64 bit, with tools fully integrated into Visual Studio 2010 and 2012.

  • Fraps 64-bit version

    Start64!New version! -Fraps is a universal Windows application that can be used with games using DirectX or OpenGL graphic technology.  In its current form Fraps performs many tasks and can best be described as: Benchmarking Software, Screen Capture Software, Rfreewareealtime Video Capture Software.

  • GeForce R313 Driver for Crysis 3

    Start64!Version: 314.07 WHQL
    Release Date: 2013.02.18
    Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit
    File Size: 215 MB

  • Wine 1.5.22 Gets New Gecko Engine and ARM64 Support

    Start64!Alexandre Julliard announced on January 4 a new development version of the Wine app, which brings assorted bug fixes and improvements. As usual, the number of new features and bug fixes in the development version of Wine (Wine is Not An Emulator) is quite large, even if we don’t take the important changes into account.

  • How to run Sacred 2: Fallen Angel on a Windows 7 64-bit computer

    Start64!Another FragPenguin tutorial. This method worked well for me. I have an nVidia graphics chipset, so ATI users might have mixed results.

  • Counter-Strike 1.6 on Windows 7 64 bit

    Start64!This video is for counterstrike 1.6 on windows-7 64 bit version. Please watch the entire video so that you don't skip the steps. The video is similar with the 32 bit version windows-7 bug-fix but it's not the same.

  • How To Make Gta 4 Work On Windows 8 64bit and fix loading problem

    Start64!This video shows how to make gta 4 work on windows 8 64bit and how to fix loading problem.


  • Windows 7 SP1 x64 vs Windows 8 Pro x64 build 9200 (RTM): Gaming Performance

    Start64!In less than two weeks, Windows 8 will be available for anyone to buy and install on their personal computers or simply, upgrade their current operating system. But is Windows 8 any good? Since I will focus on performance this will not be a review but a gaming performance comparison between Windows 7 and Windows 8.

  • Utilize 64 bit java with Minecraft to reduce lag/increase FPS

    Start64!This is a tutorial on how to configure Minecraft to use 64-bit Java instead of 32-bit java, and allocate more RAM in hopes of increasing your frame rate and reducing lag. This is only for computers with a 64-bit installation of Windows Vista/7/8.

  • How To Fix The Java 64 Bit Error On Minecraft

    Start64!How To Fix The Java 64 Bit Error On Minecraft - YouTube


  • Intel OpenGL Performance: OS X vs. Windows vs. Linux - The 64-bit (x86_64) version of each operating system was used

    Start64!As mentioned last week when publishing the OS X 10.8 vs. Ubuntu Linux benchmarks, a large Intel OpenGL driver performance comparison was being carried out at Phoronix. The comparison is now compete and here are the results when comparing the Intel HD OpenGL graphics performance under Apple OS X 10.8, Microsoft Windows 7 Pro, and Ubuntu Linux 12.04/12.10. The results of this Intel OpenGL gaming performance comparison are quite interesting, but reveal some troubling Linux facts.

  • Register Today For Our Win7, 64-bit App Webinar

    Start64!Join Experts Exchange and systems management and admin virtuoso Darwin on September 13th from 11am- 12pm PDT for a Windows 7 and 64-bit app webinar. Darwin will present an overview of WOW64 design and outline problem areas for managing application files and registry settings. The session includes walkthroughs using scripting and shell extension toolkit that makes production script adaptation effortless for shell scripting. In this hour-long presentation, Darwin will discuss:

  • How to run older Humongous games on 64-bit computers

    Start64!If you get this message whenever trying to run a HE game on a Windows Vista or Windows 7 64-bit...


  • Minecraft on Debian x64 - How to

    Start64!A brief tutorial on how to get Minecraft running on Debian 64bit, I also cover how to create a ramdisk to load minecraft to so your game runs as smooth as can be.

  • PC Games Will Soon Require 64-Bit Windows

    Start64!It’s been one of those days for PC gamers. You know the ones, where the gaming world turns and politely says “Fuck you” in your face. Earlier today we reported on how PC gamers playing Diablo III have nearly no defense against hackers who want to steal their account, and now this. EA has started rolling this potentially dangerous ball, by saying that as of next year most of their titles for PC will require 64-bit Windows.

  • How to install The witcher on windows 7 64 bit

    Start64!How to install The witcher on windows 7 64 bit - YouTube


  • Steel-batallion-64 Installation

    Start64!The Steel batallion is the de-facto controller for Mech Simulation games. It included 39 buttons and 10 axes, making it incompatible with standard Windows Joystick classes. If you went to http://vt.beckament.net you would be able to download Windows Drivers if you were running a 32 bit system. Support for Windows 7 64-bit was non-existent until now. This program leverages the work done by PPJoy and LibUSB.net to allow real-time updates of a joystick by running a program.