64-bit Game

  • Explosive Drive 64-bit version

    Start64!If you're looking for a more explosive driving experience, you've come to the right place! Explosive Drive explores the roots of what made old-school stunt racing simulators of the 90's so fun. No longer are you limited to flat surfaces.

  • Far Cry 4 System Requirements Confirm You'll Need 64-Bit OS

    Start64!Far Cry 4 has something in common with Ubisoft's other fall releases The Crew and Assassin's Creed Unity: you'll need a 64-bit operating system to run it even on its lowest settings. Here are the minimum and recommended system requirements announced by Ubisoft this afternoon:

  • Windows 8.1 64-bit Gains Ground on Steam

    Start64!A new round of statistics provided by Valve for its own Steam gaming platform shows that last month Windows 8.1 64-bit adoption has grown and more gamers actually moved to this particular operating system.

  • Why are there so few games compiled for 64-bit processors?

    Start64!I noticed that I could not find any game that has a native 64-bit version on the x86 platform (there are some for platforms, obviously for example the Nintendo 64). In fact when I asked if the Allegro library supported 64-bit, the developers had no idea. When I tried to compile something for 64-bit my compiler failed (it was MingW, it wrote that 64-bit is not implemented).

  • SteamOS review - Lovely jubbly!

    Start64!Normally, my game-related content goes into the dedicated Gaming section. But this is a special moment. SteamOS is not just a game. It's a complete, Debian-based distro, and so it merits its own review, right here, alongside all other flavors and editions I've tested in the past. Moreover, some of the stuff will get technical, in the upcoming sequel articles, which makes the Software category the best candidate for this.

  • Battlefield 4 PC All x86 x64 Launch Error Fixes

    Start64!With this simple and easy to follow 2 minute video, you will fix just about every launch error in Battlefield 4. If you found this video helpful please fire on that like button, and don't forget to subscribe, and for cool let's plays and walkthroughs sub to my gaming channel.

  • How to Install SteamOS in VirtualBox

    Start64!The following tutorial will teach all Linux users how to install Valve's brand new SteamOS GNU/Linux operating system in a virtual machine, using the powerful and popular VirtualBox software. As you already know, the SteamOS Linux has been officially released on December 13 and is based on Debian GNU/Linux operating system, using GNOME as its (optional) desktop environment.

  • Windows 8.1 64-bit Gaining Traction Among Gamers, Steam Data Claims

    Start64!Windows 8.1 is also gaining ground among gamers, with new data provided by Valve’s Steam platform confirming that more users are making the move to this particular OS version.

  • One in Two Gamers Still Running Windows 7 64-bit

    Start64!Windows 7 might not be the latest Microsoft offering in the OS market, but it still remains the number one choice for lots of users out there, including those looking to play games on their desktop computers.

  • “When I’m sixty-four”: discussing the 64-bit version(s) of Firestorm

    Start64!On October 18th, Jessica Lyon poked me about an upcoming blog post she was preparing for Firestorm which would make mention of a 64-bit Windows build, offering me the opportunity to talk to her about it ahead of the announcement going public.

  • Stardock helps to form Oxide Games; making new 64-bit Nitrous Engine

    Start64!A few days ago, Stardock announced it was working on Galactic Civilizations III for the PC, and that the game will be made to run exclusively on 64-bit operating systems. Today, a new game development company has been revealed and announced it is working on its own 64-bit game engine. Furthermore, it has Stardock CEO Brad Wardell as one of its founders.

  • Oxide announces cross platform, mutli-threaded, 64 bit engine

    Start64!When it comes to game engines, things are a lot easier nowadays. Go back 10-15 years and developers didn’t have pre-packaged offerings from Crytek, or Epic Games to utilise, they had to build their own physics engine and their own animation systems. Still, while there are a lot of great FPS offerings and real cross platform development options with something like Unity, you don’t hear much in the way of strategy engines. Well that’s what Oxide has been working on.

  • Stardock Announces Galactic Civilizations III, Requires 64-bit PC

    Start64!Galactic Civilizations fans rejoice, as Stardock has just announced the third installment in the series will be launched at some point. Although the game has yet to receive an official release date, Stardock already set the price tags for the beta and alpha version of Galactic Civilizations III.

  • Watch Dogs PC Game to Require 64-bit OS

    Start64!Although the information appears to have been pulled, the Uplay download page for the PC version of Watch Dogs supposedly provided the system requirements. Luckily the specs were snatched up and posted over on NeoGAF before they disappeared, revealing that Watch Dogs on PC only supports 64-bit operating systems: Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7 (SP1) or Windows 8.

  • Ubisoft Confirms Assassin's Creed 4 PC Minimum Requirements: Quad-Core CPU, 64-Bit OSes

    Start64!Ubisoft recently unveiled details on its upcoming titles' PC requirements. We previously reported on Watch Dogs' list of minimum configuration required to run the game and now we have new info regarding Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag PC requirements.

  • Ubisoft Reveals Watch Dogs PC Minimum Requirements: Quad-Core CPU, 64-Bit OSs

    Start64!With just a month left until Ubisoft is expected to release Watch Dogs, new details on the game's PC requirements have just been unveiled. Not sure if these were added on purpose or they've been inadvertently on the publisher's official online store, but here it goes.

  • Vendetta Online 1.8.262 - Added experimental texture loading to Linux 64 version

    Start64!Vendetta Online is a 3D space combat MMORPG for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. This MMO permits thousands of players to interact as the pilots of spaceships in a vast universe. Users may build their characters in any direction they desire, becoming rich captains of industry, military heroes, or outlaws. A fast-paced, realtime "twitch" style combat model gives intense action, coupled with the backdrop of RPG gameplay in a massive online galaxy.

  • Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC Supports DirectX 11, x64, New Leaked Config Files Say

    Start64!Grand Theft Auto 5 will get a PC version that supports technologies like DirectX 11 or x64 processors, according to a configuration file that was found within the PlayStation 3 edition of the game.

  • See 'Infinity Blade III' Running on the New iPhone 5s

    Start64!Infinity Blade III, the third game in the Infinity Blade series, is the first iOS game that has been fully optimized to take advantage of the 64-bit processor and OpenGL ES 3.0 standard in the iPhone 5s.

  • Windows 8 x64 Now the Second Top Choice for Gamers Worldwide

    Start64!Windows 8 is slowly increasing its market share, but the latest statistics provided by Valve for its Steam platform indicate that the 64-bit version is actually the second top choice for gamers worldwide.