64-bit ARM

  • AppliedMicro Unveils Web Server Running on World’s First 64-bit ARM Implementation

    Start64!Applied Micro Circuits Corporation today announced the world's first web server implementation running on a 64-bit ARM v8-compliant processor. This demonstration of an open-source web server application represents another critical milestone for X-Gene, AppliedMicro's "Server-on-a-Chip" solution designed to power next-generation cloud-computing data centers and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). It also represents the first 64-bit ARM development vehicle for the ecosystem community that will aid in the acceleration of server system development.

  • First 64-Bit ARM Server Launched, Intel Watch Out

    Start64!For months, even years, IT players and analysts have been saying how the ARM architecture won't ever score big on the server market if it doesn't offer 64-bit support, but this barrier has finally been brought down.  Following the revelation of deals signed for the use of the ARM v8 architecture, which supports 64-bit registers, the first server based on a v8-compliant processor has been revealed.

  • ARM Finally Has 64-Bit Support, Products Coming in 2013

    Start64!Some people may have read about our report on the server deals that ARM has signed, but a certain tidbit of information stands out more than the rest.  It appears that, after years and years of exertions, ARM Holdings finally has an architecture with 64-bit support.

  • First MIPS 64 Bit Mobile Processor Revealed

    Start64!Reportedly, Ingenic has just signed a license agreement with Vivante to pair up the former company’s power MIPS CPUs with the latter’s new efficient GPUs. You’ll probably remember that late last year, the first Android 4 tablet was actually powered by a MIPS processor and not by an ARM one.

  • ARM’s Next Gen 64-bit Processors Will Be Called Atlas and Apollo

    Start64!Processors licensor ARM Holdings, has recently disclosed the code names of its upcoming CPUs based on the company’s v8 architecture which are the first ARM cores to bring support for the 64-bit instruction set.

  • ARM's First 64-bit Processors Target Servers, Smartphones

    Start64!ARM will announce its first 64-bit processors later this year for servers and high-end smartphones, and is also taking steps to build up software support for the processor designs, said CEO Warren East earlier this week. The first 64-bit processors will be licensed to device makers and based on the ARMv8 architecture, which was announced in October. The 64-bit processors will be in volume production by 2014, after which it will reach devices, East said.

  • ARM’s 64-bit dreams

    Start64!There was a time when ARM processors were strictly for small devices such as mobile phones and embedded applications. But now the British processor maker has bigger ambitions: the data centre. ARM’s early successes were in the mobile phone arena as its processors were small and used very little power. But in terms of processing ability, ARM processors were not particularly powerful, and so weren’t suited to much more than basic smartphones.